Airfoil Tools privacy statement

(Version 1.20200801)

The Airfoil Tools add-in (hereafter "Airfoil Tools") does NOT collect any personal information about anyone.

Airfoil Tools is an add-in for AutoDesk Fusion 360. AutoDesk shares user and account names (typically email addresses) with add-in developers upon download. Airfoil Tools does not associate this information with your installation.

Airfoil Tools does not use cookies of any kind.

Airfoil Tools does not share any data with any 3rd parties. We own and operate our own servers, to which no 3rd parties have access.

Airfoil Tools checks for updates, only when loaded, and not more than one time per day. This update check communicates the installed version number of Airfoil Tools to our server using TCP/IP. This data is used to determine if updates or bug-fixes exist for your specifically installed program version (and optionally to download and (if confirmed by the user) update Airfoil Tools). This data and your IP address occur in our server logs for not more than 3 months before rotation.

Some Airfoil Tools features include a "Share" or "Vote" option, which, if checked, communicates (one time) the user-entered information from the panel to our servers, which typically includes the name of the panel option, and (if any) the airfoil or hydrofoil user parameters, the program version number, and the timing of events (how long the user took to enter the information). We use this information to determine the options of most interest to our users, and the range of operating conditions that are of most used by our users, so we can guide our future genetic optimisation solutions to produce solutions better suited our user needs. This data is anonymous, and retained indefinitely.

The "Airfoil performance analysis" optional feature in Airfoil Tools communicates the features of your chosen airfoil and operating conditions to our server for the purpose of CFD analysis reporting and the production of charts and data. This data is retained only if the "Share" option was chosen.

Users who wish to revoke access to any data they may have shared with us can write us an email with their request. We will ask them to identity what they wish to revoke, or alternatively, to create a new airfoil with the name "revoke" and share that, so we can locate their prior-shared data for removal.

Version 1.20201101+ updates

Airfoil Tools versions above 1.20201101 now also behave as follows:

It includes a user announcement option for product update messages to be delivered by emails. Airfoil Tools shares this preference with us, so we know whether or not to email you product update or related announcement notices.

If Airfoil Tools suffers a crash, it will share the details of the crash and your data which caused it with our servers. It tells you when this happens.

Both the above options can be turned off from the Settings Menu inside Airfoil Tools